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Sellers Guide To A Successful Sale

By Ron Coluzzi

4 min read

After 28 years as a full time real estate professional, I have broken down the selling process into three steps. The first step is Detachment and we will cover the emotional side of selling your home. The second step is Property Presentation and I will explain the importance of all the physical aspects to selling your home like staging a home, photo presentation, etc. The third step is Negotiations and this is where I lend my knowledge and expertise to help all sellers obtain the highest market price for their property. All of these steps are interlinked with one another and are essential for a successful sale.

Part 1: Detachment 

Once the decision is made to sell a property, the most difficult part of the selling process is realizing that you will soon be leaving/letting go of your home. For a majority of sellers their home represents family, hard work, love, growth, or what I like to call intrinsic value. This is the emotional side of the selling process and often the hardest to get over. Understanding this phenomenon, I coach my seller clients to “let go”. Of course, this is much easier said than done. The thought process for sellers should be on where they’re going after sale and not on where they have been. This is my definition of detachment in the selling process and with my help/guidance I can make it a painless process.   

Part 2: Property Presentation 

Once a seller decides to “let go” in the selling process, good property presentation becomes easier to achieve. For instance, removing wall paper is never something any seller is excited about but time has shown me the more neutral colors in a home the better it is received in the market place. Fresh paint not only achieves a better look but it’s scent bring forth the feeling of “New” in perspective buyers. New carpet achieves the same thing. Once the property is photo ready I hire my professional photographer and together we stage and shoot each room individually. I cannot stress enough how important high-quality photos are to increasing buyer traffic, thus offer(s). Today’s technology allows real estate to be accessed immediately online. Therefore, to make the very best first impression begins with professional high-quality photos. I firmly believe the photographer I employ produces the finest quality photos in our market place.

Part 3: Negotiations

The final step to a successful sale is the negotiation of the offer or offers that are placed on the property I am representing. This is where the hard work of detachment and property presentation come together to produce market value offers. I always tell my sellers, “I don’t concern myself where a buyer starts with an offer, I am more concerned about where they finish”. I am of the opinion an offer states one thing; a buyer is interested in the property. In most cases the seller will counter the first offer from a buyer. With that said, the buyers second offer will give us insight into the buyer’s intensions to buy the property. Quite frankly, the negotiating process is where the seller will see the best results of my 28 years in the real estate profession.

In sum, tackling these three steps will not only increase the odds dramatically in selling your home but you will have good market offers that will close. You are going to like the way I sell your home, I guarantee it.